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Sacrificial effigies, twatbadgers & old ravers never die

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So this week I have mostly got very cross at people who are in such a hurry that they cannot stop to check on the welfare of the child they just clipped with their car at a pedestrian crossing.  #twatbadgers .
               And I almost acquired a 12ft wickerman for the garden, or my dad’s.


It could still happen. I’ve not given up hope yet.

Does anyone have £500 they don’t need? Or perhaps I could do one of those gofundme deals online like when uninsured backpackers need cash for medical bills when they fall off cliffs & such whilst on holiday.

I mean who wouldn’t want one of these bad boys? 


My neighbour and I are getting into a bit of a fairy light/solar light war.  This Motherclucka has got to out-trump her latest flashing stringlight combo for sure.  Unfortunately Bman has vetoed the idea, which I am pretty sure is grounds for divorce.  Irreconcilable wicker differences.

I may have to build my own out of lolly sticks or something.  Best get chowing down those mini milks in the freezer kids!

Bman slipped into some kind of 90s timewarp last night and went to a stag do at a Warehouse party in a bed factory! Joe Bloggs jeans. Hypercolour T shirt. The lot!  (Actually I made up the part about the jeans & the hypercolour).  Anyway, he came home this lunchtime with an injured finger and  a set of tyre marks across his Tshirt!
You couldn’t make it up.
It looked as if he had been ridden over by parrots on bikes
(WHICH WOULD BE AWESOME) or midgets on tiny motorbikes.  The marks seem to have come out in the wash, but honestly!  I long ago gave up questioning anything that goes on when he gets together with his mates.

I think he should buy me a 12ft wickerman for being such an awesome wife for not giving him shit about going out and doing stupid things.

Ciao Xx


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