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Is it the holidays yet?

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So this week I puppeteered (it’s a word dudes) the school sports day from behind the scenes.  I pumped up a bunch of space hoppers which promptly deflated due to lack of stoppers.  I got cross. I may have yelled a bit. I got a shelf load of mini hurdles in my face (which hurt but left no heroic scar as proof).  I went a bit Beverly Goldberg at one point.


But the sun came out. The children had fun and the Year 6s did  a great job of running the show.

Then I had to gather the score sheets, take them home and fathom out which team had won.

The cat decided to help.  After an hour of cross-referencing names and teams due to what can best be described as, hmmmmm, let’s just say ‘incomplete data’ – our facial expressions were somewhat similar.  She was less sweary though.


It’s almost the end of term but I have another 7 days yet. I am on my last thread of nerve. I ache all over. I don’t know what I am meant to be doing from one hour to the next, either at work or at home. 


I did find this bad boy when emptying a cupboard though:-


I’ve brought it home so I can practice a few primary school classics over the holidays. Who’s in? We can re-live assemblies of old when we deliberately sang the wrong words so often that the real ones were forgotten completely.

   “Cross over the road my friend. Ask the Lord to run you over.”


“When god made the garden of creation he did it sat on the loo.  When he made the garden of creation he filled it full of his poo.”

and the classic with the actual words: –

“I was cold I was naked were you there? Were you there?”

Fnarr Fnarr.

Ciao MoFos Xx


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