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Spent a glorious weekend at Deershed Festival. There were no deer, but at one point, my head, was in fact, a shed. Not as much as my sister’s pals though. A couple of them were way beyond the shed zone at one point.
Most entertaining. But why did they all have to sit on me?
Have decided that ‘Getting up for a wee in the small hours, in a tent whilst negotiating sleeping children on air beds and trying not to bounce off the tent walls because you’re still 90% prosecco, frozen mojito, G&T and cider’, should be an Olympic sport.

I reckon I could’ve got a silver medal at least.

Macca cheese from the Mac Shack for brekkie.  Crackin’!


Discovering the Fairylove shop and the Hippy Chippy were on site. Awesome!

Realising you may need to remortgage the house to afford all the other amazing foodstuffs you want to try. Meh!  Missing all the workshops you’ve spent weeks looking at on the website because you fell asleep in the sun outside the circus workshop. Oopsie!


So no Shakespearean Insults Workshop. No Interpretive Dance to Film Scores. No Mathew Bourne’s dance workshop. I did, however manage to make it to the early morning rave in the Big Top.  Back to back 90s classics. (Dubious mixing style) but classics nonetheless and all before 10am!


Sisterly raving



Not pregnant. Just got low hanging macca cheese gut


Loved spending time with the smallfry and their smallfry pals.  Story time, unicorn hunting, swingball tournaments and illicitly feeding them edible glitter (AKA unicorn poo) then laughing at my eldest niece saying “Nothing to see here Daddy” when they were busted mid-dab in the doorway of the tent.  Also much amused at youngest nieceling rallying the camp to come and look at her “massive poo”.  I’m all good thanks.  I’ll take your word for it.


Managed to spend an entire weekend outside, dancing about barefoot without so much as an insect bite.  Went back to work on Monday and buggered my calf (other leg this time) whilst playing rounders with Year 6. I jumped to catch the ball and  felt my calf muscle just go “TWANG”.  I was like, “Oh man alive. Not again!”  I was immobilized for nearly 3 weeks last time that happened.  I still got the batter out though.  Skilllzzz!  Injury stopped play so we called it a draw.
I strapped it up and 2 days later it doesn’t feel nearly as bad.  I can walk in a fairly normal fashion and it doesn’t hurt.  So nowhere near as traumatic as last time, thank goodness.  Didn’t fancy lurching round Tenerife like something from Shaun of the Dead.

Meanwhile, my baby girl has had her last day at primary school and for the first time in 7 years I did shed a tear at the leaving assembly.  Probably because I hadn’t had anything to do with the production of it for the first time in years, so hadn’t seen it hundreds of times.

The end of an era…but the start of 5 weeks off!

It’s been a long time coming Mofos.

Ciao Tutti Xx

P.S. fave band was Robots with Rayguns


One of these calves is now slightly more swollen.

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