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After many years of trying to find a copy on DVD after my VHS tape went missing (ahem…Jade??). I finally got a copy of ‘Pump up the Volume’.  Possibly, in my opinion, the finest teen genre movie ever made.

Christian Slater at his absolute best…


Wash him, oil him & send him to my tent.

…apart from maybe that one where he has a monkey’s heart or something.  You know the one where he sneaks into some girl’s bedroom while she’s asleep (but you wouldn’t mind really because Hey! It’s Christian Slater MoFos!)



I remember tuning in, through crackling static to listen to a friend’s pirate radio show back in the 90’s. I forget what it was called.  He had great hair but looked nothing like CS. (I believe he’s now bald…but still DJs, so all is not lost).

Obviously now, 20-odd years on, the modern equivalent of talking hard on a SW radio in your parent’s basement would be blogging, vlogging, miming along to Musically or Instagramming mini stories of yourself posing in your bedroom.  Confused & mixed up teens & tweenies worldwide, shouting into the void of the information superhighway of cyberspace.  All thinking they’re better than the next person. All really thinking they’re nobody. All thinking they know more than their parents. None of them able to comprehend that their parents once all felt the same, that their parents might once have been rebellious & got drunk in the park;  taken copious amounts of drugs; stolen things or ridden in cars with boys.  Possibly. Maybe. So I’ve heard.

Words from the movie just as relevant now as they were then:-

“But just remember one thing – it can’t get any worse, it can only get better. High school is the bottom, being a teenager sucks, but that’s the point, surviving it is the whole point. Quitting is not going to make you stronger, living will. So just hang on and hang in there.”

Remember kids.

Eat your cereal with a fork & do your homework in the dark.

and Talk Hard.



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