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Talk about bumcakes, my girl’s got ’em.

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Have been using the app ‘My Fitness Pal’ for some time now.  Logging all food & drink every day so I can keep tabs on my calorie intake.  It went by the wayside a bit whilst I was on holiday but am pleased to note I did actually lose 2kg while out there. (I never eat as much when it’s hot). Judging by some of the holiday pics I deleted in disgust, I could do with it being in the high 30s every day to be honest!


Anyway, Bman has now decided he wants in on this app – so he set it up today.  

After completing his food diary for today (bearing in mind we ate out this evening at a local curry house) his app told him that if he continued at this rate, he would weigh just over 8stone in 5 weeks time.

8 stone??  Anyone who knows my husband, will be chortling at this point. As was I, as I laughed aloud and told him I think he must’ve set his parameters incorrectly. Extremely incorrectly in fact! 

He hasn’t weighed 8 stone since 1982 FFS!   My arse cheeks alone probably weigh 8 stone!

So the race is on. Who can shape up the best and the quickest. He might go to the gym whereas I don’t, but I’ve got more willpower.

We shall see.

Survival of the fattest.

Bring it on!



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