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Bman:   Oh yeah there’s a hole in the pocket of my work trou.

Me:         Do you need it sewing up?

Bman:   I was just going to chuck ’em out

Me:        Oh?

Bman:   Well the other pocket looks like Frankenstein’s rectum so…

Me:         *laughs long and hard*  I don’t even want to know.

Bman:     Well, he might have sewn it up himself. Did you ever see Frankenstein eating?

Me:          *click click click*  Huh. turns out there are no pictures on google of Frankenstein’s rectum.

Bman:     Funny that.

Conversations like this are the reason I do actually (despite my better judgement & the fact that he is currently sporting a ridiculous 1930’s RAF moustache) still love my husband.  The evening is still young though so this could easily wane.


(Disclaimer:  we are well aware that Frankenstein was the doctor and not the name of the monster.  No need to tweet about it)




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