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Half Term – much needed. Not long enough.

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Dragged self out of my pneumonia/mild bronchitis/lung cancer/general decrepitude today, to go see ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’.  Me and youngest did find ourselves sharing looks in the dark that said “well, that didn’t happen”.  The perils of having read the book first.

Interesting that a major part of the story was relocated from London to Blackpool.  No doubt Tim Burton has been there and thought ‘location for a movie about freaks & weirdos? Hmmm, Blackers it is. No need to hire any extras”.  Saving on the special effects & all that.
If I survive my eldest child’s sleepover tonight (5 teenage girls – what could go wrong?)  I’m off to a seaside locale myself tomorrow. 


Never been before so am quite excited. Dizzy at prospect of 2 childfree, responsibility free days unsupervised. I might get a tattoo and snog a lesbian. Jump off the pier naked or sing karaoke whilst high on Spice.

Probably won’t do any of those things.

But I could…

…if I wanted to.
Ciao dudes.Xx


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