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Soiree time last night.  

Alan Lickman was well up for cheese & crackers, Wotsits & Kettle chips.  He made himself scarce fairly sharpish once my pals rocked up though.

Considering I had about 7 margaritas, some prosecco & a late night, I feel surprisingly healthy today. 

 I also discovered that I mix a mean margarita and that my friends drink a fuck load of wine! The bottle bin is full!

I do have amusing photos & video of sleeping friends but have promised not to post them.   Good times, lots of bants & setting the world to rights.  I think we should make it a regular thing.


Today this will mostly be me until I do tea later (by which I mean order a Chinese).  Just lolling about being a lazy fucker. It’s a skill I excel at.


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