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The Final Countdown

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Today is my last day of having the bed to myself and the freedom to eat tea without confrontation, anyone lurking behind me adjusting the temperature on the induction hob.  Or having my ironing and washing up skills torn to shreds.

Lovely lovely bed space

We have managed perfectly well for the past two weeks. The cats have been fed. The Childerbeast have had sufficient sustenance, bus fare and sleep. We survived a whole 2 weeks without a TV magazine! I only burnt the beans once & we haven’t run out of loo roll.  Skirting boards have been painted and I fitted a flipping rollerblind FFS! 

I’ve sung and danced about in the kitchen like a free woman & it’s been awesome.

Born freeeee. Free as the wind blows

I have been slightly concerned that I haven’t missed the Bman. (But it has only been a fortnight).  He comes back, fates permitting, tomorrow.  It’ll be interesting to see what kind of reunion we have.  Will it be all loved-up hugs and kisses?

...or will we revert to Charlie & Stella from League of Gentlemen?

I hate you. You bastard!


I only hope he doesn’t bring back anything unpleasant.   He’s been whatsapping me photos of things he’s been trying out. Dried bugs and toasted crickets, snakes and weird flavoured KitKats, ladyboys and barebreasted hookers. (Some of those items I just made up – you decide which).


                                                                 (Pictures courtesy of Google images)


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