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Forget Black Friday – every day can be black for some.

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Had a fairly miserable week last week, which wasn’t all to do with the return of the Bman and his poor effort at love-tokens from Thailand (keyring, mirror, weird vest).
It was one of those weeks when even the smallest setback or criticism seemed to feel like a massive issue. When you just feel rubbish, useless, irrelevant and surplus to your own existence.




Worst.  Feeling  Ever!

So I did what any woman would do and ordered self some amazing shoes, new boots and 2 new dresses. 


I also dragged myself to the Childerbeast’s high school to watch my youngest in her Christmas production… which made me feel considerably better.
 She had downplayed her role and initially refused to let me go and watch.  After having to say that unless I got a ticket, she couldn’t be in it, she relented and got me one – on the proviso that I didn’t acknowledge her in any way during the evening.  She was, naturally, brilliant and had many more lines than she had let on about.  Well done Schmoo. You were fabulous!

I was particularly amused at watching my eldest and her pal being all coy and coquettish as they lolled about near a particular staff member during the interval.  I text her to ask who it was because they were quite buff & attractive.  How entertaining was it to watch her face as she read the text and showed it, with horror, to her mate.

Apparently, telling your children that one of their teachers is fit and then waving at him is not the way to behave, and is one of the reasons why they don’t like me going to events at school.

Who knew?


For now, the Black Dog of the festive season is being kept at bay on a short leash. Hopefully he will stay away.  Feeling rubbish for no reason is rubbish –  especially in light of global dismalness as it stands.



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