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Song Lyric of the Day: “Man fuck this shit. I’m going the fuck home.” – 8 Mile, Eminem

In the week that has seen Danny Dyer and the residents of Albert Square go all Cockney gung-ho spirit of the war geezer “you fackin’ cant” and all that.  In order to lift a double decker bus off the crushed form of Martin fowler –  I  have been uncharacteristically jovial (thus far). However there’s still time for that to go all tits up before the week is out.
I have decided though that the way forward to a calmer and happier outlook can be summed up in this meme.


Tuesday wasn’t great. Not great at all.   Almost had to use (in an Ice Cube style) my AK.  but not today though.  Today was a good day (and pity the fool who tries to use BSL finger spelling across the class to send messages to their pals).  Nice try McFly!


I ordered myself a frock for Florida in April, which may need to get an airing, weather permitting, before then, on my visit south. I am especially thrilled that it is a size smaller than my usual and could in actual fact have probably got away with one even smaller.


Second born offspring had a short story published in a book this week too.  Proud times indeed. 


She is not that proud of herself, as she isn’t too impressed with the calibre of other stories within the book.  I explained that clearly, hers was the best story but they couldn’t print it alone.  It had to be padded out with a bit of rough fibre.  (Have to be careful here as some of her pals had stories included too).  She has poofed this off as just me being her Mum “so you have to say that!”

I do. Because it’s true.  Well done schmoo. We love you Xx  Keep writing,  so Mama can have a granny flat at the foot of the garden in your Los Angeles villa when you are famous.  I’ll have daily botox and a string of young Latino lovers to keep me feeling sprightly.

Ciao Tutti and remember…




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