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Pfft aaaand the weekend is gone

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I did not sleep too well last night. Or indeed the night before. This may not end well.  The S’Monday gut wrenching feeling that the weekend is almost over began as soon as I woke up today rather than the usual Sunday evening after tea.

The voices in my head get louder when I am tired.  Today I’m trying to drown them out with loud metal music on my (now fully charged) MP3.  The loudness also helps drown out the goose-like squawking of my thigh training machine.  (10 minutes a day keeps the lardiness away).
    Bman had to give it a good blast of WD40 to shut it up.  I wonder if the same principle could be applied to the constant, often, unhelpful wittering inside my brain?


The car alarm which has persisted in beeping away at regular intervals all weekend has not helped my fragile state of mind.  I ascertained which was the offending vehicle when I was emptying the shite from cleaning out the degus into the green bin.  An unidentifiable person – possibly a buzz-cutted lesbian, possibly a boy-racer youth (it was difficult to tell without my glasses on) came out to stare at the car.  The beeping stopped.  He/she went back inside.  Within seconds the beeping began anew.  Lesboy comes back out. Looks at the car and shrugs – is about to go back inside but then clocks me stood on the doorstep.  Full Sunday slackydaks and hoody on. Arms folded in Bea Smith intimidation stare mode.


Turn that shit off pal or I will damage you & your vehicle

Lesboy then proceeds to faff about with the car. Tinkling under the bonnet as I continued to stand and stare.  Maintaining the peep, implying in no uncertain terms that the noise needed to desist immediately or damage might occur to the vehicle in question.  The offending beeping stopped after he/she did something to some wires and has not resumed.

Long may the peace continue.

There is enough noise in my head without external sound effects and percussion thank you!



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