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Yet another weekend

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Spent a lovely weekend with great people out in the middle of nowhere. Drinking, eating, laughing and setting the world to rights and taking silly pics with my Childerbeast on their phones.

Not a filter in sight. We woke up like this.

The menfolk lagged behind us girls on our walk to try to get rid of our hangovers. I also discovered that one of my friends at least, doesn’t approve of the afternoon power nap.

She kept poking me and yelling at me to wake up as we flopped about like slugs watching a Miss Marple. So mean!


We thought we might get snowed in, but the weather forecast of a nationwide return to the ice age, proved an exaggeration.  

Came home Sunday ready for Round 2 yesterday with my bff Gene Genie. Drinking cider, eating curry and taking in mature televisual content on Catch Up TV:-  ‘Tourettes: Teenage Kicks’.  Well worth a watch, if only for the excuse to shout “Brian Ferry’s Arse!”  and “Hairy Tits!”

We also revisited ‘Skegvegas’ and both episodes of ‘A Very British Brothel’.  I may not be able to eat haddock chowder again with a straight face.


Good news about my Buck Melanomas anyway. I heard yesterday that both were benign so no further treatment required.

Also good news.  We’ve been offered a complimentary, 2 night stay with dinner and breakfast, as a gesture of goodwill for our room invasion the other weekend.

Double bonus.

Happy Valentine’s Day Y’all.

Ciao Tutti Xx


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