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Spent pleasant couple of days in Chester catching up with sister & nieces. Nightmarish trip into town though to try and get an outfit for eldest Childerbeast to wear for a christening next month. (Not her christening). No joy!


Youngest Childerbeast fell out with me in Lush when I wouldn’t let her spend £14 on a little pot of moisturiser. Bloody kids don’t know they’re born!

I was half way back to my folks’ on the bus when a black gloom descended. Think possibly due to passing so many beautiful houses and knowing I’d never live in one.  Stuck in the fucking Wezzie projects forever. 


Had to go to bed in a darkened room for a nap until teatime.

Managed to drag self to mates’ house later for a game of Cards Against Humanity.  I didn’t win (again) but I now know about a certain male sex toy and know what a posh wank is, so all is not lost. Cheers JR.


Youngest Childerbeast has pals over tonight for a sleepover. Bman and I are exiled to the bedroom with a takeaway.  He was meant to be going to a gig but he went out last night. Old fart can’t hack 2 nights on the trot. We’re watching Strike it Lucky and wondering if conditioner existed in the 1980s. I suspect not. We also suspect Barrymore was off his nut filming this show. (In the glory days before he went and drowned a gay by mistake).

Pizza & a gin

Pizza & a gin #rock&roll

Eldest offspring is attempting that age-old rite of passage – trying her luck at getting into a 15 film. Bman is being sent to pick her and her mates up later.  Hopefully he’ll be back in time for Taboo so I can close my eyes and hop aboard and imagine he is Tom Hardy.



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