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Twelve years a slave (to my love for my baby girl)

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Song lyric of the day:  “On 33 I’m setting you free. On 45 I’m coming alive” – On 33, Stereo MCs

Movie Quote of the day: “love is a gift. A lot of people don’t remember that.” – Hairspray

Today is my youngest offspring’s birthday.  Bman went old skool & got her a little record player. Finally some tech us olds are more savvy with than the young ‘uns.


At least the vinyl in the house is worth listening to. So far she’s played some Nirvana and Deep Purple. Can’t see her entertaining any of my old 1980’s electro or 1990’s rave though. We’ll just leave those gems gathering dust on the living room shelf.

 Rave on!  Rock on!

I give it a week before she breaks the needle.

Ciao Tutti Xx


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