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Me Vs The Mouse – bring it on

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Song lyric of the day:  “I bit the fruit. She might have tasted good, but man she was my kryptonite” – Won’t go quietly, Example

Movie Quote of the day:  “Couldn’t we allow ourselves this one moment of indiscretion?” – Withnail & I

Our Disneyworld & Universal Studios park tickets arrived today! That’s right MoFo’s. I’m going to the U.S. of A.   That’s almost £3K worth of fun right there in a handy wallet. 

I almost passed out when I clicked the BUY button when I had these badboys in my virtual chopping cart.  I didn’t spend that much money in one go when we put the deposit down on the house!  So watch out Mickey. It’s been a while but I believe you owe me a photo opportunity you short-arsed big-eared red trouser-wearing fucker!  Bman is primed and ready to jump in to split up a fight. Just like Anaheim 1998! 


It’s not like we need a new bathroom or anything.  I love sitting in the bath having a soak while I pick black mould out from beneath the plastic sealant.  How much fun can a girl have in the bath?  Bman thinks I masturbate in there.  He’s wrong!

This holiday better be the holiday of a lifetime that all the bumpf (and everyone I have spoken to about it) keeps telling it me it will be. God knows, we’d never be going if the MiL hadn’t sorted the Childerbeast’s flights and our accommodation.  Still costing an arm and a leg (although hopefully not for real like in some kind of horrendous theme park incident or anything).  

I’d love to rant about how the application process for the visas angered me but I daren’t because now the Feds are surely watching my every keystroke.  Good luck with that boys.  I hope you’re not easily offended by memes about wanking or involving the C*bomb.

Meanwhile at lunchtime, I took an online test (well three different ones actually) to see if I was on the Bipolar spectrum.  It was a bit like just sticking my fingers down my keks to check whether I had a fanny or my hands up my shirt to check for tits to see if I’m a woman, because hey guess what?


Or perhaps that should be…

😀 / 😦

Ciao Tutti MoFos Xx


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