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Death by feline (“my shoe!”)

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Movie Quote of the day:  “My whole life flashed before my eyes… it was really boring” – Chicken Run

I have often laid in bed of a Sunday night, pondering how I can debilitate myself enough to not have to go into work.

I always do go of course. Of course I do.

Leg strapped up again with dodgy unexplained calf muscle injury yesterday.  A Cards Against Humanity karma repercussion for playing the Jade Goody card maybe?
Still lurched in to work though.

Never, in my days did I think my pets would be on board with this. Tonight that almost came to pass. 

I just went for a sodding sixer down the stairs using the cat as a snowboard! Was like an Eddie Murphy “Help me Lord Jesus I’m falling down the steps” moment.


Luckily, the strapped up calf seems unscathed. Can’t say same about carpet-burned buttcheeks; cut hand and twisted arm.  


Alan Lickman appears to have survived but I reckon that could’ve been one of his 9 lives used up. Little sod needs to not lay on the stairs in the bloody dark!

Not injured enough to warrant a duvet day though. Especially as we have the school inspectors in tomorrow and Thursday.

Nice to know one of my family cared enough to move their arses to check on my welfare. Namely my youngest Childerbeast.  Just got a cursory Hope you’ve not broken the banister and “Is the cat alright? from my loving spouse.




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