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Mid-Week Blues

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Is anyone else watching Broadchurch and feeling slightly uncomfortable that a man from the brilliant Horrible Histories is playing a creepy rapist? 


I was feeling rather despondent today, due to constant rain, dark thoughts and a general feeling of having been an asshole and an idiot most of my life.  But nothing can make you realise that yes, in fact you are an utter cunt, a twat, and a miserable motherfucking waste of air – than watching DIY SOS.


These families struggle on. For whatever reason, they can’t shower, shit or sleep in peace or dignity. And these other people steam in and build them a brand new working home. For nothing.

My kids don’t know they’re born.

 I don’t know I’m born.

Humbling indeed.

Then you see the news and realise that although yes, you are a cunt. You’re not a murdering cunt who mows down innocent pedestrians & stabs people,  so maybe there’s hope for you yet.

Stay safe. Be kind. Love lots y’all.



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