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Welcome to our country….Welcome…Welcome!

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I’m in Mothercluckin Orlando dudes!!

The journey was not something I wish to repeat (yet I’ll have to if I ever want to go home).

 It’s hot, sometimes it’s windy. It slung it down with rain yesterday afternoon while we were at Universal. I don’t know what sodding day it is let alone what time it is.  My feet are killing me from walking round (so far) only one segment of Disneyworld and Universal. I gasped aloud on the monorail when we saw Cinderella’s castle and I cried when we watched the parade. Even Bman was beaming at the colourful prosessession of people dressed up as princes and princesses on floats.

There are a pair of raccoons living in the tree in front of our balcony, which has made Bman’s year I think. Today I almost trod on a snake at the pool and there are signs out front warning you about alligators in the lake. Wildlife times!

Everyone is that friendly that I’m a teensy bit ashamed to be English because we are so self-centred & rude. However if I lived here, I’d be massive within a month. There are donuts and pies and pop and utter unhealthy shite everywhere!

Meanwhile, I’ve ridden roller coasters, been to Hogwarts and almost met Hulk Hogan.

Bring on the rest of the holiday.

Can you see me?


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