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This beats Bradford any day

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Yesterday I saw alligators in the wild and I even held a young one. It was softer than I expected.  Wild Willie’s Airboat Tours was amazing. I highly recommend a trip with Captain Eddie. So knowledgeable & friendly.

Today I tried deep fried alligator bites. (Yes I know I’m a vegetarian but you know, when in Rome & all that. Not going to get chance to try gator in Bradford Broadway am I?) It tasted like scampi TBH. 

Also went to Disney Hollywood Studios. After years of wanting to, I finally went on the Tower of Terror. I loved it! Ma B (aka G-Dog) & the Bman, were not so keen.  Lol.

Bman also had to revise his opinion that the Aerosmith rock n  rollercoaster ‘looked lame, like something from Scarborough’. It was far from lame and I think the ride photo speaks volumes here:-


G-Dog was hassled by a Jawa at the Star Wars Launch Bay exhibit. It tried to dismantle her wheelchair but didn’t want to buy her off us.

 I whooped with joy at Boba Fett & thoroughly enjoyed the Star Wars simulation ride.

Kennedy Space Centre tomorrow, where if anyone else has a face like a smacked arse, tells me they’re tired or states the obvious about their feet are aching’ or it’s too hot’ I will personally launch them into space myself!

😁 #familyholidayjoy


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