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I will not cave & start watching Jezza

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Thus far today I have exercised to Robots with Rayguns on my new stepper. I have hula hooped in front of a ·repeat of ‘Most Haunted’ (·difficult to tell TBH as they’re all the same).  I watched a skip get collected from over the road and I made a mess on myself whilst washing up.

Is there a word for the wet bit you get on yourself from over-zealous / crack-handed pot washing?  Not sure, so I tweeted Susie Dent from Countdown to ask.  Will let you know if she tweets me back.

I might need to go back to work soon before further insanity piles onto the insanity that is already evident. And before further weight piles on.

Far too easy to confuse boredom with hunger!


Ciao for now working peeps.



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