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Don’t let the fuckers win 

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Bigger, longer, harder hugs for my girls yesterday when they came in from school.


Seemingly both knew children & some teachers from school who went to the concert in Manchester. It’s a bit too close to home for them.  For me. 

This ghastly thing happened in a town we know and love extremely well, at a venue we have been to many times, among an all too relevant demographic.  

My eldest (almost 14) was especially upset.  We had a very open and frank discussion about it all in the garden. I think you have to.    

Back in my childhood when the threat of IRA bombs seemed fairly standard, at least the only news you got about it was from the teatime news or the tabloids.  Now we are inundated in our beds on our phones. If not from news, then Twitter, Snapchat etc. Unkind memes circulating within hours. Ugly details. TMI.

The hashtag #missinginmanchester is a heartbreaker.  I don’t know what I would do if this was my children.  The thought of them afraid and panicked and lost or worse. I would lose my mind for sure. I know it.  What would my girls do if the parent(s) who came to pick them up, were killed? 

Horrific. And for what? In the name of religion? For stupidity? For a radical view?

All we can do is carry on but be vigilant. Same as before. Educate your children to be aware of their surroundings. To look up from their tech from time to time and check their exits. To have common sense. But we can’t not let them do things or go anywhere. 

If dumb cunts are going to be dumb cunts and decide to kill themselves and take innocents with them, then there’s not really any way we can know when or where, or stop them if they’re determined.  Scary. Sad. But true.   Our loved ones could just as easily be hurt on the school run or in the park, or even at home.

Stay safe y’all. 

Love. Be loved. Be kind. Laugh. Enjoy life. Thrive. 

Don’t let hate win.

This article says a lot. –


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