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Signs of the times

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I went to the post office again in the pissing rain today after my hour at work. As I was getting told off by the counter dude for using an old jiffy bag (has he never heard of recycling?) I spotted a sign that filled me with despair. It read:-

        “Post Office Counters request that patrons are properly dressed.

                   Anyone in their nightwear will be refused service.”


I didn’t despair because I was in my nightwear I hasten to add. Rather that such clarification was necessary at all.

No giro cashing if you’re in your onesie or your wincyette, you bone-idle sloppy git!

What did make me feel somewhat better, was then seeing another sign advising that energy drinks would not be sold to under 16s. – a personal bugbear of mine. Ghastly things! Should be banned.

This time tomorrow the UK could have brand new leadership. I am avoiding the news tonight as I can’t bear anymore talk about it.  And yes, I did vote. 

We shall see how that pans out.

Ciao Tutti



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