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The winds of change (have changed nowt)

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Welcome to the UK. Where a dude dressed as a fish finger can gain 309 votes in a General Election and our current PM (well done for turning up BTW) shared a stage with Elmo and a geezer with a bucket on his head.


Donald Trump is laughing his orange face off at us.

Laura Kuenssberg must be ripped to the tits on ProPlus and espresso, the woman’s not had a day off for 50 days! I hope they let her have a bit of a holiday now. She must be knackered.

Now we’ll suffer days of analysis and interviews with the common man having to justify their vote. Long-winded discussions about a two-party system, proportional representation and if Theresa May bought that blue suit especially for today and whether she’d have taken it back to the shop if she’d lost.  I see she has jumped into bed with some people I’ve not heard that much about other than that they still think the Earth is flat and probably don’t believe in dinosaurs.


If/when she gets kicked to the kerb PLEASE don’t let Boris Johnson be the next PM FFS!


And if you don’t like the result & you moan about it, but you didn’t register to vote, then you are a dick. People need to stop being so mean to Jezza too, particularly the supposedly unbiased media.

Think I’m glad I’m going out tonight. I’ve had enough of this shit.


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