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The day I met Cujo on the way to the pharmacy

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Only I, could be on my way to chemist to renew prescription for anti-anxiety meds, and get attacked by a fucking dog!

Am not even making it up.

Walking along, minding my own business behind a geezer walking a massive German Shepherd on a harness. I decide to overtake, a good couple of meters at a ‘safe’ or so I thought, distance, from the beast. Dog turned, saw me and without hesitation, just went for me.

It took seconds, but the fucker had me by the arm like one of those dummies or dudes in oversized body suits when they train police dogs.

Geezer gave it a smack to the head and it was all over bar the shouting. And boy was there some shouting! Luckily for all involved, my friend was across the road and came to my (& the dog-walker’s) rescue and took me into her house. 

I feared for the integrity of my new ‘Coraline’ coat but fortunately it wasn’t rippped.  My arm, however, did suffer some bruising and a bit of a scrape – possibly from me pulling my arm away.  I was pretty shocked more than anything and concerned that the bloody thing just attacked for no reason and I could’ve been a child or an old or someone less sturdy. If it had bitten a child like it did me, it would’ve caused much more damage.

The dog walker came to speak to me later and check on me, explaining that it was his sister’s dog. She turned up at my house later, mortified and all apologies, saying she quite understood if I reported it.  Never done that before etc etc and when she walks it, it’s usually muzzled.  She said they had a small baby in the house. Told her I’d be worried if I was her and at the very least, keep the thing muzzled all the time!  It clearly has issue with yellow fisherman’s coats.

Just to make the situation more entertaining, the man walking the dog was a parent from school! #awkward


Went to another friend’s later to wave her lad off to his Prom Night. Turns out, dog-walker lives over the road from her. He was peeping over his privets, asking if I was alright now. Whilst probably thinking “FFS! This bolshy pair are mates?? Just shoot me!”



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