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It’s pissing it down and I have a barrel load of washing that needs drying.
   Yup. Christ almighty! We must be back in the dreary old Blighty.

Since last Saturday’s blog post, I have spent a quality day with the Famalam at The Moss.


The prestigious egg & spoon race

Then managed to get myself and my two lazy girlies out of bed at ludicrous o’clock in the morning to get to the airport.  By lunchtime Monday we were on a lounger by the pool, lathered in factor 30 and assuming one of the two possible positions for the next 7 days.


Position 1




Position 2

It was great to be back.  I hadn’t flipped out on the plane. Thanks to mild meds and a new positive frame of mind and the bonus of knowing what was to be expected at the other end.

Slightly disappointed that since last year, the bar menu had changed, for what we considered to be a poorer selection and worse – no inflatables allowed in the pool!


The donut remained unchristened sadly :-(


No totty lifeguard this year either. (I can only assume he left in protest at the inflatables ban).  Instead we had Bluto, AKA ‘JoySponge Redpants’ and his mate, Lieutenant Buzzkill.  Last known work detail as lifeguards at Stalag Luft!  Their mission – to stick vehemently to the 45minute rule before they confiscated any unattended towels on loungers. And also to reduce small children to tears by turfing them out of the big pool if they had anything remotely inflatable about their small person. Or a ball, or any kind of pool toy. In fact FFS don’t look as if you’re having fun or they’ll be out of their seat and sucking the joy right out of you!

We kept flouting the no diving ban on purpose the moment his back was turned.

My youngest was all set to stage an inflatable rebellion, Les Miserables style. Rallying the troops to take over the pool, building a barricade with their giant blow-up donus, bananas, crocodiles, planes and sharks etc. Demanding at least one day when inflatables were allowed.

Vive la revolution!

We spent our days, loafing and swimming and just eating when we were hungry, which wasn’t that often in the heat. 



If you need me, I’ll be at the bottom of the pool – just chillin’

We did occasionally wander about. Going out for meals or for walks along the coastal path to San Blas or on the rocky beach.

I lost my sunnies when I got wiped out by an incoming roller on the 3rd day.  I was lucky not to lose my bikini bottoms too!  Strong current kids.  Take care. The sea is a lady to be reckoned with!


I’m in there somewhere

We also decided to try the Submarine Safari after watching it return to the marina.  “Look kids, it doesn’t even fully submerse. You’re just sat in the underbelly of it” I said confidently.



Altogether now…“In the town where I was born…”

Hmm. Yeah, about that….



It absolutely does fully submerse

What a strange experience that was.  Terrifying and thrilling in equal measure.


But now we’re back. In rainy England where my excitement for this week consists mostly of using my new vacuum cleaner. It is called a Shark though so an oceanic theme does at least still prevail.


Didn’t get any mosquito bites this year though so that’s a bonus!


Until next time dudes


Our next adventures will be in Utopia – by which I mean Shambala Festival, at the end of the month. It will be glittery. It will involve gin and music. I will be in wellies and hopefully, it won’t be a total mudbath.

Ciao Ciao Xx


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