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Post Holiday Boredom Disorder

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Post holiday blues.

Back to reality.  Listening to the Bman’s usual mantra of, “Who the hell washed this up? Mr Magoo?” and “Why haven’t you eaten these potatoes?” orWhy did you eat those potatoes?” (delete as appropriate to whichever is the opposite to whatever you did). “Why are you doing that? “  (“Because I want to”) “Fine, do what you fucking want” (“I am. I did. But you told me I was wrong”)


My thrill this week has been to test drive my new Shark LiftAway vacuum cleaner. I ordered it before we went away and forgot about it.
  This is as good as it gets once you hit your mid forties – getting excited about new household electrical goods.  To be fair, I do confess to being equally thrilled and horrified at how much dust and hair I emptied out of the dust cylinder once I’d finished the lounge rug.

Roberta Takes On A Dust Rhino



Forget sex toys – this is the new excitement

Another wanton purchase was a pair of Pipduck lace-up wellies, for Shambala, which arrived today.  Imagine my unbridled joy that they’d arrived in time for this weekend’s trip to the Yorkshire Dales.  Karma of course had other ideas.  Stylish as they were, they are also clearly designed for the more slender of leg.  They were far too snug against my bulbous athletic calves, so they’ll be going back.  😦

That’ll teach me to try and be trendy.  Should just stick to the bog standard, men’s fit Dunlops for a tenner and remember that I’m 45 and nobody gives a shit what I wear or what I look like anymore, because nobody’s looking. Not even my own husband. 


Now excuse me while I live a little, and run my new vac round once more – just for the hell of it, because that’s how I fucking roll!


Ciao MoFos Xx


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