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Tick Tock – guess who’s going to die first?

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So Theresa May has finally resigned. Does that mean there’s nobody in charge?  If so, much the same as the last few months then…
Gove has been exposed as a
closet coke head (retrospectively) and regrets it. In fairness, I never thought I’d ever say I had anything in common with Michael bloody Gove, but I’m with him on that one. Wish I hadn’t bothered too on the couple of occasions I did. Nasty stuff.  And let’s face it – I don’t need any artificial help in the arsey attitude and gobshite arena. I can pull that off naturally thanks,

In other news, I went up to our local club, not somewhere I would usually go if I could possibly avoid it.  There was a psychic medium night so my friend and I couldn’t resist.  Excuse the pun, but it was dead up there.  Only 8 people up there so she was pondering whether to even carry on as “it might not work”. I wondered why not, as if you have the ability to converse with the departed, surely it wouldn’t matter if there was 1 person there or 100?  Anyway, she cracked on with the usual vagueness and non-specific details.  She told me that my spirit guide (a female – which was not news to me) told her that I was a bit cynical.  She could have picked that up from listening in to our conversations before the ‘show’ started.  She told me that I felt unworthy at work and felt like I was being treated like a mug. I denied this and said I was perfectly happy at work thank you very much.  Everything she said was quite relevant a year ago – just not now. She told me to bear it in mind anyway.  Obviously, I did not let on anything about my work situation but she was pretty admant that this was how I felt.


I was more interested in whether or not she was as aware of whoever the hell it was who was lurking on the stage area peeping like Micky Flanagan around the curtain…


She then said she had a lady ‘in spirit’ with her who was holding her head in pain and said that she would have literally dropped dead “without even time to put her coat on” and she’d left behind 2 children and she would have been not much older than 50.  I said it didn’t match anyone in the family that I was aware of.  “Fucks Sake!” I said – it’s me isn’t it?” She assured me she didn’t tell the future and this was someone already passed over and from my dad’s side. So any famalam reading this who could shed some light on that, do let me know.  Not sure what the point of that exercise was, as this lady had no message of enlightenment from beyond the grave.  No winning lottery numbers or insider stocks and shares tips that might actually be of some use.
I’m still convinced she meant it was me.  So that gives me just under 3 years to crack on and enjoy life.   Perhaps if I either wear a coat for the rest of my life or never attempt to put one on, I could cheat death like on Final Destination.  LOL. Or perhaps she was talking shite?  Time will tell. And if I do drop dead at 50, found on the hall floor with my coat half on and half off then you read it here first right!

Shirley Ghostman meets the sceptics



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