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No seagulls allowed people

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I decided on a change to the standard Hot Cross Buns and London’s Burning for my recorder lessons this year.

Oh yeah.  Let’s build a mothercluckin snowman dudes!  (and it shall look like Yoda)

Can you feel the force?

Can you feel the force?

My practice session at home just got real though…  the Five-O turned up!


It wasn’t that bad that any crime had been committed – honest!

I warn you!  I remain at large and there’s plenty of ammo left in the old (and I mean old) descant.



Tonight’s the night…

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If by ‘impoverish‘ they mean that these housholders will not be able to have a KFC for tea 3 times a week, a foriegn holiday every year and buy the latest games consoles & games for their kids as soon as they’re released then my heart bleeds….. Benefits Shake Up

Most people work for a living! and many do so for a lot less money than they’re worth but at least they take a bit of pride in their work instead of whining for a handout because they’ve got viral fucking fatigue, ME or mystery backpain that manifests at will but seems remarkably well while new conservatories  are erected or while jet ski-ing off the Red Sea. 


I’m feeling much better today after my minor meltdown yesterday lunchtime. – Hacking at the antarctic ice flow that had built up around my freezer compartment served it’s therapeutic purpose well.

                     Still got my finger plastered up though…


Don’t forget your tinned peaches and bottled water just in case it all goes tits up later tonight when that meteor gives us a flyby.


End of the World is Nigh (possibly)

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Post Apocalypse Mainstay

I hope you’re all well stocked with tinned peaches and bottled water just in case the science dudes got it wrong:- Asteroid to pass by Earth on Tuesday night


BTW I think I may have broken my foot.  I kicked a wall earlier on in frustration at my husband.  I can’t tell him though or he”ll laugh and say something like “Good” and give him even more ammunition that I am in fact a doofus.