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Can I get a….. BOO!

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Currently trying to watch a supernatural thriller on Netflix called ‘Malevolent’.  I’m not getting the full force of the malevolence though due to Bman playing plinky plonky music on his PC in the kitchen while the children bicker over the washing up and the reflection of the kitchen strip light glares onto the TV screen.
From what I can gather so far, Celia Imrie of Acorn Antiques is going a bit Annie Wilkes/Sweeny Todd and I doubt it’s going to end well.

My recommendations on this Day of the Dead would be Andy Nyman’s ‘Ghost Stories’ (which I am currently selling on eBay) and ‘Hereditary’ which was weird as hell and had a decent few jump/horror moments which creeped us out pretty good last night.  The kids had to watch a couple of episodes of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ before they would venture upstairs.



Alan Lickman is getting on board with the Halloween/Dia de los Meurtos time of the year by trying to creep us out. He’s taken to staring at nothing down the side of the washer. So we reckon he can either:-

a)  See a tiny demon down there like the one from Stephen King’s Cat’s Eyes & will kill it before it sucks out our breath in the night (then he’ll do it instead – spoiler alert).


b) He senses the air from the hole at the back where the pipe goes outside & is planning to tunnel out somehow.

He is busting to go outside but we daren’t let him out yet in case he gets his jaw stud gets caught on a fence or something and ends up dangling from his chin! That’d be more expense to add to the accruing amount he is now costing us while I watch next year’s holiday slip from my grasp!



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Ciao Ciao Xx

Vive le Weekend

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Vive le weekend!


My Friday work day wasn’t really any better than Thursday if I’m honest (though without as much gore).  As much as I would love to regale all the details in a full-blown, eloquent rant – for legal reasons (and in the name of following correct procedure) I am unable to elaborate.
Instead I shall try, via the medium of video, to show you how the day went. 

This episode of Acorn Antiques almost perfectly illustrates the seemless organisation of the day.

Happy watching.


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Is it the weekend yet?

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Well, my day at work today has been a little like ‘Acorn Antiques Vs Alien’ if you can possibly imagine such a thing!  I’d elaborate but I don’t really want to.
I can only hope and pray to a deity I don’t believe in, that tomorrow will be better.

Meanwhile, for those of you blessed enough to be younger than me; or for those of you that would like a reminder.  Here’s a snippet of ‘Acorn Antiques’ for your delectation.