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Cat scratch fever

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Busted out the old lateral thigh trainer to trim down, in order to fatten up, for Christmas.  It’s very creaky. The neighbours will be wondering what’s occurring, particularly in light of the Bman being away!  Tonight I cranked up the tuneage to drown it out.  That’s right Bman. I’m using the mothercluckin’ stereo. I could leave it on all night and you’d never know. Along with the back door unlocked, the recycling in the wrong bin and the thermostat on turbo.


I digress… 

    … amplified tuneage calls of course, for a singalong while working out.  It’s been a while, but something about my dulcet tones seems to excite the cat.  She sat herself on the stool opposite me and went a bit psycho.   I like to think she’s rocking out along with me to ’18 & Life’,  ‘My Pony’ or ‘It’s Raining Men’ (I have eclectic taste – don’t judge me!)
In all likelihood she is probably screaming for help, or earplugs, or just wants to hurt me like that time she bit me on the nose when I was singing along to Adele.