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Bang Bang

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Bloody fireworks do my head in. What with Diwali round here and Bonfire Night coming up, I’m constantly checking on the whereabouts of my cats.

    Bit chilly tonight to be stood on the doorstep in my scants, shaking my bag of cat biscuits (not a euphemism BTW) and shouting “Alan. Alan. Alan.”  and making kissy kissy noises. Which incidentally is the name of one of my neighbours, aswell as our cat. So I perhaps should’ve put a dressing gown on.


The fat moggy eventually trotted in, no doubt from scoffing supper at someone else’s house.

Lethargy and Apathy. My two best mates.

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I took to hiding in bed this afternoon to escape the tumultuous noise of husband and offspring’s nerve-janglingly loud voices (and the fact that I felt weirdly unwell in a way I couldn’t quite put my finger on).


Youngest Childerbeast came to snuggle with me then said she saw a grey mist move across my feet sticking out of the covers. She thought it might be the ghost of Gollum the cat, comforting me from the beyond.   I suspect it may have been the spectre of my long lost youth, health and enthusiasm for life – and even that wasn’t sticking around. It was heading for the window.*


Be so much simpler to be a cat – dead or otherwise.

Look at this little guy:-

Not a care in the world other than where to snooze or shit next!


* was more than likely a dust bunny


Images courtesy of Google images and Gary Larson