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A little bit meh today…

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Today was my turn for a pre-Christmas existential crisis, possibly sparked by having a dream last night about lying under the duvet on Christmas Eve and hearing Santa delivering presents.  I then awoke to the realization that actually there was no magic in the World and everything was a bit shit.  I sat on the couch in my festival poncho to keep warm after the heating had gone off for the day, watching BBC Newsfeed and wishing I never had to hear the word Brexit ever again.  Was also mega hacked off that daughter number 1’s ‘prom’ dress she wanted (for next June) and asked me to order on Black Friday, had arrived yesterday…but she hates it. (I thought it looked lovely – but what do I know? I’m just her mother).  The retailer won’t refund unless there is actually something wrong with it – no refunds for change of heart. So that’s me taking a £110 bath and stuck with a lovely dress of no use to anyone. Certainly not me – one week away from being 47. I’m already looking forward to being 3 years closer to being able to apply for a 50+ funeral plan.  With my luck, I’ll peg it at 49 and never get my ‘free gift worth £75’.

So yes, I am feeling a bit past it just now.  No matter what colour I do my hair, the ginge shines out. I can go without sweets, cakes and booze for well over a month and still look like a lardy dough face. Smooth FM is no longer the vestige of the golden oldie. It’s now back to back ‘singalong bangers’. And my Childerbeast cringe at pretty much everything I say and do unless it involves paying for something.


Set off too early for the dentist today and ended up wandering without aim around Farsley until they unlocked the doors after their lunch break at the surgery.
Lots of salons around Farsley with lots of ladies getting pampered, trimmed, coiffured and having their nails done.  Not me!  I caught sight of myself in many a shop window and thought I looked like a character from
‘The Road’ in my trackydaks, waterproof coat, odd gloves, hoody up and big chunky scarf.  I might as well have been pushing a shopping trolley full of looted items. 


Mood only improved when one of my young swimmers presented me with a Christmas gift – bless her! And then the Bman text to ask if I wanted a lift home.

Off to bed now to get some sleep and hope that I will be back in the festive spirit tomorrow.

Ciao Ciao XX





Run. (Tweet). Hide (Livestream). Tell (Everyone)

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This weekend I both loved and loathed the Internet and social media in equal measure. 

It started on Friday evening when the Twittersphere exploded with news of some kind of terrorist incident in Oxford Circus in London.

Sky News and BBC got in on the story.  The story was vague.  Something about gunshots and Black Friday shoppers running for cover.

At the root of it the Daily Mail Online tweeted this:

It was very much a case of “Shit, not this again! WTF?” But details were scant.

Then this happened:

Olly Murs y’all!  The hell?

Seemingly Russell Brand was also holed up in the vestibule of a TSB bank live streaming as he hid with other Londoners.

Shit just got weird.

Then. Piers Morgan joined in.

Piers Morgan y’all!  The man who allegedly allowed the hacking of  a dead girl’s mobile phone.


The many comments which followed made for a very entertaining read.  General consensus was for Olly to ignore Piers because he is a bellend.  I’m paraphrasing but you get the idea.

And, of course, the inevitable pisstaking.

So as relieved as I was that this incident turned out to be nothing. It fascinated me that it became anything at all – merely due to social media.
Something minor happens.  People think they heard gunshots.  They ran. They hid. They told. (Just like it says on the government propaganda about what to do in a terror related situation).
‘Celebrities’ were caught up in it.  They tweeted.  I’m sure they weren’t the only ones, but because they aren’t famous, the media and other ‘celebrities’ aren’t slagging them off.  The followers retweeted.  The Daily Mail Online deleted their tweet when it transpired it was
weeks old. 
Throw into the mix some Islamaphobic scaremongering when the co-founder of the EDL chose to tweet (also now deleted) and it all went a bit nuts.  Injured shoppers, traumatised children hiding behind a bin out back of Starbucks and Pret a Manger with their mothers! Just because, two dudes had a bit of a tiff at Oxford Circus tube station or something.


Good job I wasn’t there. I’d have had no clue.  My data is never on.  But, as humans we see a crowd moving in a certain direction and we do tend to follow, sheeplike.

Meanwhile 300 people including children, get blown up and or shot while at prayer in a remote Egyptian province and it barely gets a mention.  Why?  Nobody knows. I bet the people who did it don’t even really know.

We are nothing if not a fascinating, cruel and stupid race. 

Ciao Tutti Xx