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That’s at least 1 life gone!

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My little baby big fat man cat, Alan Lickman is hospitalized and slowly eating into the meager savings we have, while he has his smiley face repaired.



Cat Vs Taxi


Got a call at 1:30am Sunday morning from the local PDSA saying someone had brought him in after finding him on the road nearby.  They weren’t sure he would survive, so after waking Bman, off we went in the wee small hours leaving the childerbeast unattended and hoping that they wouldn’t be carted off in a fireman’s lift in their PJs, never to be seen again.

Surreal experience of being at the vet’s at that time. Not helped by still being half asleep and the lady on the desk confusing us with some people who arrived at the same time with a sick dog. This led to us being ignored and left unsupervised in the reception area for quite some time. 

We couldn’t get back outside to ring the intercom buzzer and there was no bell or anything on the desk.  Resorted to calling out ghost hunt style. “Hallo. Is there anybody there?”  Eventually, someone appeared and we got to see him.  I say we – Bman isn’t right cracking at this type of thing. I have a slightly better constitution for the grisly and the messy – from being a mum, first aider and a primary school educator I guess. So I went in to see him to check out the damage first.

Poor little dude looked a right state.  Sloth from the Goonies sprung to mind! Was glad Bman didn’t see him in his gory glory.  His jaw was dislocated and he had a bit of a popeye going on and looked a bit of an actual bloody mess.  But alive! And aware that I was there despite being hopped up on methadone. (Him, not me).

Since then he’s been patched up and his jaw rewired. he’s pottering about a bit but being fed through a feeding tube.  They’re keeping him in for a few days still and I’m hoping to go visit him tomorrow,  take him some grapes and Lucozade and a comic – that kind of thing.  Wonder if he’ll be in one of those backless gowns with his butt hanging out?

I only hope I can track down the lady who took him to the PDSA because I think if he’d been left or run off when he was hit, that he would be brown bread in a bush somewhere.

Thank you, whoever you are.  Hopefully he will be home soon.