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Scruffy and I know it.

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This week Boris Johnson surpassed himself by using the phrased “spaffed up the wall” when describing money spent by police investigating historical child abuse cases.  A day when an Australian man shot and killed almost 50 Muslims at prayer in his attempt to halt immigration in Europe (hello Irony?) and an Australian senator essentially blamed the Muslims for their own deaths by saying “The real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place.” – Riiight? Okaaaay.  

Can I get a For Fucks Sake!


So Bman and I watched Ed Stafford’s documentary about the homeless in Britain – ’60 Days on the Streets’.   Bman took great delight in pointing out that it had only been on 10 minutes and he’d already seen 3 homeless people wearing the same coat as mine.  It’s a good job I don’t give a fuck isn’t it really?  I seem to surround myself with piss-taking cunts.  I think it’s safe to say that I can give as good as I get though, if not better.  Anyway I love my Shadwell jacket it‘s a great coat – clearly favoured by the dispossessed and streetwise of the nation for its warmth and practicality.  

It did occur to me yesterday though that since leaving the education profession, I rarely have the opportunity to make a sartorial effort.  My poor husband only ever sees me in PJ’s, naked, or in my walking to work ensemble of trackies/Koolkids tee, hoody, and the trusty Shadwell.  Of those three outfits, obviously, the naked one is the most attractive.  Would be nice to make an effort sometime though, so he could see me with tidy hair, some make-up and a something slightly more feminine – a dress & heels maybe.
He did take me out for lunch on Thursday – at Morrisons cafe because he knows how to treat a lady – but it was before work so, no make-up, barnet all over the place, slackydaks and work tee shirt as standard!

Maybe I should get him to take me out somewhere (but not to a dodgy German techno sex party in a derelict building*).


*see these previous blog posts Bman’s dodgy night out


There is some remaining glamour under there somewhere


Workwear these days




Holy shit! (and it’s only Monday)

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It’s only Monday and already I am banging my head against the wall, trying to make sense of the World.

As if this young lady hadn’t already sunk to new lows at a recent awards ceremony (no doubt giving her Pops an Achey Breaky Heart), it seems that she has actually sunk a little lower :-

One for the Gene Genie there!

Reassuringly, it seems that gun licences are to be permitted for blind people Iowa.  So not only do you not need any brains to hold a firearms licence in America, you don’t have to actually have the power of sight either. 


Doubtless someone somewhere has decreed that to not allow it would be some kind of discrimination.  #worldgonemad

Some other kid in the States shot his mate when she jumped out of a wardrobe to surprise him (I would have been brown bread long ago then with all the jumping out on people I’ve done in my time!).  The big surprise was on her that time!

I am at a loss to even get my head around the story of an 8 year old girl  who has died in the Yemen from internal sexual injuries, received from her 40 year old husband on their honeymoon!  Who gives consent to their 8 year old daughter (I have an 8 year old daughter!) to get married at all, let alone to a 40 year old man?

My mind boggles and my stomach churns at the thought.

I shit you not. This is the kind of world we live in. 

Bring on the solar flares and the giant asteroids please, before it gets any worse and let’s just allow the cockroaches to take over.

courtesy of google images

courtesy of google images

Meanwhile, to tide me over until the eventual and inevitable breakdown in society & (not before time), end of all human existence – I have a new mission and bee in my bonnet to swat, or should I say cockroach to crush!

These thieving cunts and yes I did say cunts! (I am so mad I didn’t even asterisk any letters out).

Shopper discount – you may find them on any search engine by typing in the words ‘robbing bastards’ I expect.

The only discount I have seen from a supposed scheme I have never signed up for, is the tenner a month they have fleeced me for over the past few months.

I urge anyone who has ever bought anything online EVER, to check that they are not being stiffed for £10 a month on their card for allegedly signing up to join this nonexistent scheme after they have made a purchase from places like Amazon, or Ticketmaster.

If anyone from SHOPPER DISCOUNT stumbles across this in a tag and objects to the use of the phrases robbing bastards or cunts then feel free to file some kind of lawsuit because I would happily face you in court and say it to your face.

I bet you don’t though.