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Let’s go round again…

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Well it’s almost time to begin a new academic year.

It doesn’t seem that long since last September and the last academic year. But what a year it’s been.  Going in all cylinders blazing last September, ready to take on the system. Lead my new, (albeit smaller) but fabulous little team.  Ready to jump in at a moments notice to impart knowledge and wisdom with a smile and pocket full of amazing lesson plans.

Yeah. That lasted til Spring and then it all went west side.



Me, from March to June in my kitchen


Until recently when I no longer felt like that, I hadn’t really realised how low and off-kilter I actually felt.  Let’s not go there again if we can possibly help it.

My philosophy at this juncture can probably best be summed up by this meme:-


Am I right?


There will always be plenty of people having a shittier day than you, which is crap (for them) but a silver lining on your own grey cloud. That’s as good as it’s probably going to get for most of us – and that’s okay.

So before I return to the coal face and my optimism and enthusiasm die a fiery death wane within weeks, I’d like to celebrate the great things that happened this year and the people who stopped me from totally losing my mind. The ones who sent me notes, hunted for spooks with me for fun; sent me memes, love tokens; not always helpful but somehow amusing texts; sent me jigsaws in the post. And thanks to my husband who, despite his usually unsympathetic nature and poor inference skills, managed to be kind, thoughtful and not get annoyed when I didn’t appear to have moved for hours.  Also my Childerbeast for not freaking out at their mother freaking out.

Naturally I have to summarise in pictorial form because , as my childerbeast told me recently, “Mum, you photograph everything”  Good job really. Then I can look back at images like these, on the days when everything seems pointless, and I’ll remember that it’s not.

In the words of my childerbeast…. “Blessed”.









So back to school tomorrow.  I am going in this year with no expectations. That way I can’t be disappointed or annoyed. I’ll go in. Do my thing. Hope for the best and then come home, sleep, then go back the next day and try again.


Bring it on Booms!  We can do this.


And to end a perfect summer holiday of sun, treating myself to a new vacuum cleaner (small pleasures) visits with friends, festivalling, glitter and music – my parents dropped by today for an impromptu visit.

Good times.


Life (today anyway) is good.  Not always. Not for everyone. But today, it’s alright for me & mine, & that’ll do.

Ciao MoFos



Back to reality…

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Well now you’re back. From outer space. – Well Florida in the good old U.S of A to be accurate.

I should write a comprehensive review of the entire holiday but to be honest, I can’t be fagged. Mostly because it will surely be the online equivalent of making people sit through a slideshow of your holiday photos in a darkened lounge.

Suffice to say. I had a lovely time. I was mostly relaxed, helped occasionally by prescription anxiety meds and despite gritted teeth at trying to explain things twelvty thousand times to family members who won’t or can’t listen.  

My husband and eldest daughter were twanged 100m into the air in a glorified garden chair.  We spent the evenings raccoon watching.  I almost trod on a snake and we were quite happy to hand over $5 for one ice-lolly at Disneyworld. We even saw Ant & Dec, who unsurprisingly, completely ignored us when we sang ‘Let’s Get Ready to Rumble’ at them.
I also now have biceps like Hulk Hogan from pushing the Mil around various attractions in a wheelchair. Lou & Andy style.

We have cornered the market in fridge magnets, eaten more shrimp than necessary, survived without any mozzie bites, met some princesses and pretty much decided that indeed it was the holiday of a lifetime – mainly because we never want to go on holiday together ever again.


It remains to be seen how I will feel once reality of being back in Sadford kicks in.  I already miss the sun; loos that flush themselves, and the politeness and friendliness of the natives. 

I am not missing the decibel level of snoring from Bman, who scaled new heights of noisiness on American soil, to the point of waking himself up! Not sure what that was about. 


Snaps to Kathy at Orlando airport for saving us from having a technical meltdown while trying to print out our boarding passes. And to the lovely Quentin at Brueggers in Philadelphia airport for patiently helping us get rid of our pockets full of American shrapnel.

Would I go again?  Yes. Although I doubt I will ever be able to afford it again.

So, close the curtains, make a cuppa and sit yourself in a darkened room and check out a select crop of my holiday snaps.


One of the many pools at Westgate Lakes Resort



That’s $10 of lolly right there



Blues Brothers show at Universal



My daughter & husband are up there!





I want that one!




Hulk ride at Universal



not sure who this lot are – Disney Hollywood Studios





This photo pretty much sums up these pair

Is it Halloween yet?

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So, how’s it going on the old positivity scale since my return to the coalface?

Well. Week 3 and I already feel like a shell of my summer holiday relaxed and calm self. A costume of a woman with a grimace of a smile dripping off my face at a rate of knots.  Nursery one minute, changing pants and the next I’m discussing the meaning of life (it’s 42 BTW) with Upper Keystage 2.  I have to check my diary at every changeover to check that I’m heading to the right class.


Monies worth = out of me? Yes.  I think so.

The silver lining of this headwreck of a new role is that the extra wedge in my monthly pay means that I reckon I am good for paying for next year’s Griswold family jolly to WallyDisneyworld.  That’s if I’m not on a liver transplant waiting list from all the gin I may have to consume to get me through until then.

Meanwhile. On another topic.  Having had my IUD coil removed, my periods have started up again.  This is not good.  I’d forgotten how annoying they are and how much I want to eat chocolate in the lead up to all that.  This is playing havoc with my mission to shift 10kg of excess timber.  I may need to take up smoking again, or amphetamines or something.


Pretty sure the Bman might overtake me on this weight loss gig as he’s been surviving on grout fumes and hard graft the past 2 weeks trying to finish off our new kitchen.  The kitchen we haven’t decided whether we like or not.  The worktop is already scratched.  The oven doesn’t match the rest. We’ve got a plumber coming out on Thursday to get to the bottom of the rank stench emanating from beneath the washing machine and the laminate floor still needs to be done and tiling to be finished.  He’s gone back to work this week for a rest!

I may blog some more in another 3 weeks if and when I can summon the energy.

Ciao for now dudes