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We don’t need no thought control

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So my 12 year old daughter in Year 8 has come home with a letter (finally) to inform me that they will now be choosing their subject options for GCSE study, this year. Thus giving them 3 years to complete their GCSEs rather than the standard two that has worked perfectly well for many years.

I don’t want to sound like someone who is afraid of change. I’m not going to lie – I am, a bit – but to me this sounds like they are dumbing down our kids. Are we actually raising generations of children who are too daft to do the requisite amount of work to gain a successful grade in two years?

Now, I work in primary education so I wouldn’t like to comment out loud for fear of reprisal … Shhh, they’re watching, and now they’ll know that we know that they know that we know…




“I’ll just die if I don’t get this recipe”

… however. What comes next?  A-Levels taking 4 years? A regular degree taking 6 years?  15 years to become a doctor?

Sadly, a part of me thinks I may be right?  We’re raising dopey, spoiled, clueless kids. But I also despair of the education system.  Stop fucking about with it!  At my Childerbeast’s high school they have to take Religious Studies as an exam subject – and no, it’s not a church school.  A foreign language is no longer compulsory, which I disagree with totally aswell.

Common Sense. That’s what they need.  Not another lesson on Rama and Sita or the origins of Islam.  Spelling and grammar – Yes.  For the love of fuck get where, wear, were; there, their, they’re and yours and you’re correct and know your ours from your ares. But fuck trig and triple bracketed sodding equations, let’s do a SAT’s in Y6 on common sense.  I’ve already thought of some questions.

  It’s pissing down with rain as you leave for school.  Do you:

a)  put on the waterproof coat your parents spent good money on.

b) put on a hoodie.

c) put on a thin summer jacket and leave it unfastened.


 You’re unhappy that you feel like you are always in trouble at school.  Do you:-

a) continue to be a massive annoying bellend.

b) listen to advice given by teachers and parents and sort yourself out.

c) throw a book across the room and call someone a fat lezzer cunt.


 You keep getting codes for forgetting your PE kit/calculator/planner etc.  Do you:-

a) Double check you have everything when your mother asks if you’re ready for school.

b) Carry on regardless, blaming everyone but yourself.

c) Borrow your mates then not return the item so then they get a code.


I got a shed load more like it. I think it should totally be a thing.

Meanwhile we’ll plough on doing what the powers that be tell us we need to do to give our children, and the future of our world, the best educational start in life. We’ll make them choose at 13, the options that will help pave their way in their academic future.  Except we’ll narrow those options right down so that actually, they’re not really choosing at all.

That way they can all grow up to be Youtubers (because that’s what they all say they want to be when they grown up).  Meanwhile we’re all just another brick in the wall

Ciao tutti MoFos Xx