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East coast massive

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Me and Childerbeast have just had a mini seaside break in sunny Bridlington. It was hotter than one would imagine for Brid, but then we are going through a bit of the old global warming in the UK just now.


We could almost be in Tenerife


Not quite Bondi.    but you still got to swim between the flags y’all!



Bit overcast on Day2 but still warm

Things I learned over the past couple of days:- 
* Dining out with my friend can be quite the confusing experience for all involved.
* If my friend won £10k, the first thing she would buy is a “big bag of crisps.”
* There’s an awesome disabled loo on the promenade at Brid, with adjustable sinks.
* Two days in Brid costs more than you think.
* There are several establishments serving, “best fish and chips in Bridlington”.
* Black music gets you dancing – it must be true, it said so on the waltzers.
* My friend’s daughter is a menace in a dodgem – My bruised knees are a proof!
* Even the best GoPro ever will still only film brown water in the sea at Brid.




I wish to be a 13 year old boy who works in a toy factory & has sex with a grown woman


Nothing to see here, just a man with a hotdog for gentials


Mmmm ice cream that looks like your intestines


You heard the man – get dancing honkies!


All diversities welcome at the seaside

Meanwhile, our next trip will be to Boomtown Fair in Winchester later this week.
I’m excited and slightly nervous in equal measure.  It looks like quite the immersive festival experience. It could go either way.  I could wander aimlessly with the childerbeast (like we did when I got us lost on the way to the B&B in Brid) or I could end up in the tea and sympathy tent being holistically tended-to by a volunteer in a HiVis vest, while my children look on in ill-disguised contempt and embarrassment because I’ve lost my shit on Mcat or something. (Is Mcat still a thing?)   Click here for a trailer of  BoomTown Chapter 10

We shall see…

“Hair are your aerials man…”

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Gutted that I missed the ‘D-Side Drug Bus’ today at work, doing a Just Say No type talk on cannabis, because I was teaching another year group this afternoon.  I was told by an esteemed colleague “Seriously babe. Is there anything they’re going to say that you don’t already know?”   It was a fair assessment I guess.  I’m told they didn’t give out any taster samples so I didn’t miss out there.

Reminded me though of seeing these at Morridogs recently and having a chuckle to myself:-

Not the same kind of 9 bar that immediately sprung to my mind I have admit – although the kind I was thinking of are also wheat, egg & gluten-free.

Probably worth buying just for the peurile humour value, a bit like those snacks they do in Aldi called Disco Biscuits, which never fail to make me smile.

Nice One Top One Get Sorted

Boro at the weekend.  I can smell the vinegar on the inevitable Fi-Chi supper already!  Mmmmm