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Fright Night (Pt1)

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Annual Fright Night Disco last night. 

Am proper worn out today and slept like a log last night.  Not even any grog in the punch or anything, so not sure why I was so tired.  I didn’t really dance or knee slide across the floor (Thing 1 wouldn’t let me).  I just patrolled the Hall with an eye out (through my cat woman mask) for clandestine petting or inappropriate behaviour.  Didn’t see any. (The staff & parents were very well behaved this year!)  

Not sure that the mobile disco dude was aware that the flag he had draped infront of his decks represents Gay Pride.   Or maybe he did (although my money’s on ‘No’).

Just an average day at Casa Brew

The eye mask did nothing for my peripheral vision and natural astigmatism.  Several small children came acropper when they wandered beneath my line of sight and ended up knocked to the floor.  Now I know that sense of danger  my large-breasted pal feels when entering a room of small fry!  🙂

Break up today and Chester Y’s tomorrow, for some niece-squidging times. Xx