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What I was doing when I should have been asleep

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What the hell did we do with ourselves in our free time before the Internet came along? 

We can’t just have sat around watching the test card waiting for ‘Crossroads’ to start or playing clock patience in front of the electric fire.

 Last night I spent 4 hours (count them… F O U R hours) looking at utter garbage online.  [I say garbage but one woman’s garbage is another man’s treat – Define garbage! Sometimes it’s a thin line you know.]

   What I was actually doing was making a party invitation on Publisher (that’s right, Publisher, not Word) and doctoring a photo of Limahl from Kajagoogoo to make him look like a zombie (as you do) which entertained me for at least one of those hours.

"Too shy shy, oops there goes my eye?"


   I also spent a long time trying to track down a jelly mould in the shape of a brain for under £12.  £12! for a jelly mould??  You have to be kidding! 

   I found much cheaper moulds but they were in the shape of penises (penii??) and boobs and amusing as that might be, I didn’t think either appropriate for a family friendly do.







I really do need to start going to bed earlier,  but at least I wasn’t drunk and bidding for shit on ebay that I can’t afford or would fit in the house. Lest we not forget that time I almost bought Bman the actual Mr Staypuft head from the ‘Ghostbusters’ movie – where the hell I thought it was going to go I do not know!

Happy birthday Hun - here's a giant marshmallow heid for on top of the shed