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Happysad totally should be a real word

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Feeling a bit happysad today  (Sappy? Had? Hadsy?). 

Various reasons: – Some of which I cannot divulge to the Information Superhighway for legal/personal reasons.  Others somewhat superficial, like I think I need a new pair of wedges for sure.  Excuse to shop – Yay!  No spare money for frivolities like shoes – Boo!  😦


 Guess who’s back and out of the cage?  Yay!  🙂 But with a crooked back and a limp.  Boo!  😦


 Impromptu trip out this morning at work – Yay!  🙂

Sight that greeted us as we reached the crossroads to the micro-ghetto of my neighbourhood on the way back:-  FFS!   😦


 Update on job for next academic year – HappySad  YayBoo!   :-/





I guess you had to be there…..

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After 2½ days in Loco Parentis to 20 ‘lively’ primary kids at an Activity Centre in the middle of nowhere, what is it that tips me over the edge into the realms of hysteria?

It was on the coach home and a colleague was being shown a picture on a child’s camera of something very similar to this:-

Road Kill Tour 2012

and the conversation going like this:- 

“Look Miss”                

“Awww cute”                                 

  “Eh? but it’s dead Miss”                                                        

  (sighs wistfully)  “Yeahhh… I know…”  


Not even a Bunny Wheelchair could help this poor bugger out I’m afraid!

Foiled again ideaswise…

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Interestingly I have not heard anything further from the President of vis a vis my reply to his comment (see below).

I’ve either scared him off, or he is feverishly stitching away at a  prototype Boudicat costume on the old Singer & getting his patent listed before I do.

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  1. Mark C. Robinson | 16/04/2012 at 2:12 am

    This is Mark Robinson, president of We LOVE cats! we just acquired meow-wear and were working on a wheelchair for cats. Stay tuned!


    • Excellent news. Though I notice a lack of pirate outfit on Meow Wear (just in case this leg pinning op goes wrong and she has to have the leg amputated). Hook/ tricorn hat / tiny toy shoulder parrot etc. Also, I call dibs on the Boudicat costume idea, so don’t even go there.

I see though via the magic of the Information Superhighway that someone got there before me with the play on words ‘Boudicat’ and the even more magnificent ‘Spartapuss’.

See!  It’s not just me who has a mind that thinks of these things. 

I need to go and order that series of books immediately!