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Today was a good day

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(Star Wars die-hards don’t bombard me with fault-finding – I appreciate it was not Master Yoda who said this. I just liked this meme better than the one with Alec Guinness on it.)



Today I was corrected on my punctuation by one of my Catch-Up Literacy students who was, in fact, correct… I had left out an all important comma!
I was also treated to a lesson on persuasive literary devices by other members of my Catch-Up group. 

This disturbance in the force came barely a week after members of staff and level 6 ability students were beaten at the Countdown numbers game by another child in a much lower group.

Who knew there were SO MANY pics of this woman's rear view on google image when you serach for countdown numbers game>?

Who knew there were SO MANY pics of this woman’s rear view on google image when you search for ‘countdown numbers game’?


I feel as though I’m in a parallel universe where it seems that children DO actually listen and can in fact, learn and retain that knowledge.¬† I think I kinda like it.¬† Could it BE that we are doing something worthwhile?

Gene Genie, we should retire to that ‘escape¬† to the country’ now while the going’s good.¬† Quit while we’re ahead and all that.¬†

Then just before home time, I was treated to this;

“I thought vegetarians ate meat Miss”

… and the balance was restored anew….¬† BANG!¬† Back in the room!

Lost for Words

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Movie Quotes:¬†¬† “We all gotta go sometime bro” – Boys in the Hood

Name that Tune:¬† “Why is it that there’s a gun shop on almost every corner?” – Black on Black, Stanley Clarke

If you thought I might be banging on today about American Gun Laws, then I will have to disappoint you.¬†¬†I can’t¬†even look at the news anymore.¬† Too sad for words (and there but for the grace of something or other, go I!)


I will try and lighten the mood instead.

I attended a sports event at a local High School yesterday and was asked to help the Sports Leaders there by writing out the name of the participating  children on some certificates they had prepared.

I have to tell you… I started to come out in hives instantly and could only complete the missing names if I covered up the wording above.

I showed one I’d brought one home to my childerbeast.¬† My 7 year old read it and exclaimed,¬†“You are child ?” then started laughing!



Way to go English Department. 

I blame over-reliance on spellcheck.  (Watch me have shitloads of typos in this now!)

On return to school just before 3pm, ¬†trying to safely extricate 17 children from the minibus in the staff car park, it all went a bit ‘Boys in da Hood’¬†when a small vehicle stinking of weed and ¬†full of surly looking Asian dudes cruised into the car park, oblivious of me and my small charges and proceeded to try to¬†reverse park onto¬†a vacant spot next to the HeadTeacher’s car.¬† If the car had started to play NWA & bounce, LoLo style I wouldn’t have been surprised.

Ofsted Inspectors, my friend, they were not!

There was a few moments staring stand-off between them and myself & the High School PE dude who was driving the bus, more akin to Crenshaw Boulevard than a small estate near Pudsey, before they changed their minds and drove out of the car park and parked up on the street.

This would have been a parent coming to collect their child!

Young and fertile minds in the hands of wannabe gangsters and dickheads.¬† Brilliant!¬†¬†¬† (I bet they can’t spell either)

Keep driving pal!

Keep driving pal!