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Don’t look at me

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I’m not known for embracing progress and change.  Luddite that I am.  I catch on and up eventually and usually reluctantly.

I have got used to the witchcraft of the magical telly box and have taken to the devilish smartphone.  Now, however, I have another mystical device in the house.  

The Bear got an ipad for her birthday and this morning asked me to set up ‘Facetime’ so she could talk to Mimi & Pappy and her Aunty Jade.

I care for it not a jot.  Surely it is a stealer of souls. 

 I enjoy the anonymity of internet in this manner because nobody can see my face.  Text, phone and letter are my communication mediums of choice for the same reason.
It’s the same reason I am always the one who takes the photos – that way, I am behind the lens and not infront and when I am infront I am usually goofing off, wearing shades or in a silly costume.  That way, it isn’t really me…. see?

I don’t really get it either, especially considering my job where I am stood in front of people all day long, talking,  and don’t even have a box on my head or anything.

Just one of my many foibles I suppose.

Daughter number 2 has recently taken up knitting and I have rediscovered the knowledge.  Perhaps a balaclava could be on the cards.