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Here in body if not in mind

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Well nothing says “you’re ill babe, take some time off work” like sneezing so bloody hard that you piss your pyjama bottoms! 


Can’t blame poor pelvic floor muscles for this one – my sneezes were gargantuan and crept up on me like a rapist in an alleyway.  Forget pelvic floor – these bad boys blew the frigging doors off – never mind the floor!


Hello? Anyone seen my dignity?  Last seen sometime around 2003. 


May as well just make with the tartan rug, a purple turban hat and dangle lavender bags off my tit ends and call it a day – old lady styleeee!


                                                    pictures from google images


Am just about on the road to recovery although after a day back at PTCF, dressing childerbeast up as elves, fairies & bogeymen, my head feels like it’s full of cotton wool & I have no doubt that I shall be in bed within the hour.  Someone wake me up when Christmas dinner is about to be served please!