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Pepper Pegleg… update on my lost pussy

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Well. my pussy is no longer M.I.A. 

Chillipepper furbrain pepsi-pie may yet live to LARP another day!

She limped home at about 2130 last night dragging her back leg behind her. Looking like Harry Potter’s arm in the ‘Chamber of Secrets’ when Professor Lockheart tries to fix his broken bone.  

Erm I think it may be broken


Floppy times!

I tried to make her as comfortable as I could, being without transport to take her to the vets until Bman came home.  She eventually dragged her sorry self underneath the kids’ bed to sleep.  I then had one childerbeast weeping and not getting back to sleep for hours until way after Bman & his brother got home from their gig, as she clearly wanted to be the one to break the news about the broken limb.

She is now sedated at the Vets (Pepper not my daughter), who says she has a fractured and dislocated tibia and 3 broken bones at her pelvis.  Thank goodness for the pet insurance, which I bemoan monthly for being more expensive a premium than mine and Bman’s life cover.  Otherwise we’d be looking at the thick end and beyond of a big G!  I may have been forced to plant her back under that old lady’s shed and just pretend to the kids that she had never come home.

I think her next dress up costume should be the ‘Boudicat’ armour I touched upon in (what I did on my holidays pt1) and get me a pair of trained parrots to pull her around in a little chariot, because she’s going to be fairly immobile for a while.   Poor puss…

Feel free to forward gifts of goodwill.  She particularly enjoys dreamies, whiskers cheese bites, chicken and Bombay Sapphire.  (I may have made one of those up).

Has anybody seen my pussy? and why I stole my kids’ felt tip pens

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Another lamo Saturday night.  So far I have to say that as far as a thrilling social life goes,  being 40 sucks just as much as being 36, 37, 38, & 39.

Bman is out at a ‘Hanson Brothers’ gig with his brother (The ‘Nomeansno’ kind, not the ‘Mmm bop variety’).   I can’t even watch BGT with the kids and laugh at society’s delusionals and loons attempting to hula hoop their way to 15 minutes of fame because I’ve sent the childerbeast to bed in a fit of pique. 

3rd night running I have found their room in an unacceptable state of repair.  Their final warning was last night so I have to see the threat through or they’ll just laugh at me even more than they already do.  The fancy felt-tips have been confiscated as threatened and the promise of a trip to the movies to see ‘Pirates in an adventure with Scientists’ tomorrow is now cancelled.

On top of that, me and the Bman have spent half the afternoon scouring the neighbourhood for one of the bloody cats.  A neighbour came and told us that Pepper had been seen limping across someone’s lawn on the houses at the back of us.  So we have spent hours today traipsing through gardens, shouting her and searching people’s sheds.  At one stage I could hear her calling back to us sounding distressed but now it’s all gone surreally quiet.     Little old lady up the road says she’s seen cats getting underneath her shed, so if she’s gone down their with a gimpy leg and gone and karked it, we’re never going to get her out and this poor old dear is going to have a whiffy garden and the rats will have furry feast!  😦






I know what you’re thinking… she ran away because of the dressing up thing.   Don’t be put off by that non-committal look on her face.  She loves a bit of the old role play.  Her LARP name is actually ‘Queen Duloid of the Hidden Forest’ & she has the power to be able to eat anything in her path & shit in the most awkward of places.

Right I’m going back out into the garden to shout for her some more.

Fingers crossed…

Then I shall amuse myself by looking at this slideshow of ‘celebrities’ without their make-up on, which will make me feel much better about myself.