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…but now I’m back on the couch, with a rug & a Horlicks

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…by rug and Horlicks, I mean Sully from ‘Monsters Inc’ slippers and an Advocaat (& mince pies and own body weight in various cheeses).
I’d have crackers with my cheese but my niece ate them all when she visited yesterday.

Aunts, Cousins, Nieces

Aunts, Cousins, Nieces

All my good work of non bread, carb, sugars, alcohol diet has been shot out of the window like Colt Severs from a cannon!  Will have to start all that shit up again in the New Year.  Particularly if I want to fit into the Warwick Davis torsoed (Orangutan-armed) Gryffindor jumper hand-knitted by the MiL, or the size 8 undies from my Mum.  Flattered as I am Mother that you believe my butt to be that compact, I fear a misreading of labellage may have occurred there!  I could wear them but may end up with quadruple cheekage which is not a good look, especially in leggings.


Enjoyed Christmas Day this year in the comfort of my own home  and with just the Bman & the childerbeast & cats.
Santa, in his infinite wisdom, chose to deliver Minecraft for the Xbox to my youngest, so I have been pretty much holed up in my bedroom watching festive TV or catching up on films on my new witchcraft device – the Kindle HDX.  Just me and Magic Mike, a cider and a handful of Belgian chocolates.  Why I don’t mind if I do Sir!
Youngest also got retro 80’s rollerboots and a Nerf crossbow so when she hasn’t been Minecrafting it’s all been a bit
Starlight Express meets the Hunger Games round here.

Very much enjoyed yesterday’s visit from my sis and my newest niece, who appears to have inherited her Aunt Tit’s inquisitive wrinkled forehead.  Glad to see she also has a penchant for the Fancy Dress:-

Penguin poppet

Penguin poppet


Next plan of attack is to drag myself off the sofa to go to Chester on the 2nd.  To be honest, the way I am going about things so far this holiday it may take me the next 4 days to rustle up the energy or the inclination.

Slothlike times.


Double busy… doing F.A.

Yellow Wizard is about to die! Your lifeforce is running out!!

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Over a week ago I drifted into the arena of the unwell (in a Withnail style).  For reasons unknown, but in all likelihood due to unhealthy eating habits; work related stress and not getting enough sleep; I appear to still be in the arena (in full ringmaster attire no less!)

I made the error of checking the Information Superhighway for my symptoms and have decided (in my extensive medical opinion) that I’ve got bronchitis (as opposed to the many other illnesses, lurgies and fatal diagnoisis it could be – according to Google.)

Am thinking of painting a large cross on my front door to warn people off. 

Shares in tissues have skyrocketed over the last 10 days whereas those for Lemsip have plummeted, on account of it being shit and not working whatsoever!

So, illness, combined with not being able to get a look-in on the computer until the childerbeast have gone to bed and stopped playing *Minecraft, have kept me away from the blogging arena for a while.

 There are loads of things I’d like to say but my brain is too muddled at present to get it all down.
I had amusing tales to regale along the lines of
“This One Time..”, which included me being set upon by a gang of 80’s skanks and their henchmen, which left me emotionally scarred and too frightened to go out for months.  There was also one about Bman going to an under 18’s CB Club disco in one of those shiny nylon Jungle Book T shirts*** that were des-rigueur in the late 70’s & the time he got beaten up at a different disco for wearing a Ghostbusters shirt but… I forget the point now, so instead I think I’ll aim for another early night and try and sleep this lurgy off.


* a geeks game where you build shit out of different coloured blocks.  This is very exciting apparently but I have yet to see the **appeal.

**  To be fair it keeps them off the streets and at least they’re not playing GTA where they’d be stealing cars and paying hookers for tricks.

*** see also Star Wars, Rescuers, Winnie the Pooh – you know the ones I mean?