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Killer week at the office which, for legal reasons, I cannot go into detail about.  4 day week has felt like a fortnight of solid working.  We’ve broken up for a fortnight now and oh my days do I need this!


On the upside, I came home with gifts.  Cider, flowers, a hand-made 50’s style pinny and some catnip mice (we collect the new kitten tomorrow, which is why that gift was most thoughtful and not completely random).  I was also commended and complimented from on high on my interpersonal skills – and that doesn’t happen every day.    Or at all.   Ever!

Non relaxing start though to the break when I got home when eldest child tootled off to her mate’s for a sleepover but failed to follow my one remit of texting me when she got there.
Not answering her phone.  Not replying to texts from me, or her sister or her dad.  I was 5 minutes away from getting Bman to drive me round there to check she’d arrived, when I eventually got a call.  Only got that after contacting friend to get her own daughter to give her a gentle nudge.  Am pretty sure her mates could hear me as I went full on Harry Potter ‘Howler’ style after she profusely apologized for ‘forgetting to call’.  I suspect she won’t forget next time if I ever let her leave the house again!

Mum, if you’re reading this I do not know how you survived our teenage years without knowing where we were half the time.  I do appreciate the need for keeping in radio contact. (We still ‘3 rings’ our mum whenever we go anywhere).

 May as well warn you in advance that as of tomorrow I will mostly be posting pictures of the kitten so you may as well switch off for a while.