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Freaky FlvTo flashback

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Scientists say that our sense of smell is the one most closest linked to memory.  Ordinarily I would have agreed.  Until that is, I spent half an hour titting about on FlvTo Youtube downloader, where you can convert music posted to Youtube to an MP3 and save it to iTunes. 

Seeing the opportunity for a bit of an office-chair rave on my own of a Saturday night in front of the Tooter while the Bmeister is out, I stumbled across this; wondered what it was; played it and subsequently almost had a cardiac arrest!  This one had been filed away in the back of my cluttered mind.

Forget your sense of smell linked to memory.  Tonight it’s all about the smell, the audio and the visual.  This MoFo took me back almost 22 years and I swear it took 5 minutes for the hairs on the back of my neck (not my chin) to lay back down!  Liverpool duvet cover beneath my (much slimmer) buttocks; bag of jelly dewdrops from the VeeGee in my hands and a man with a chinstrap beard on the decks.

Scary flashback times!

Had completely forgotten about this one even though it was played to death at the time as I now recall!


“Jesus Christ!” indeed – you took the words right out of my mouth

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Reasons to not randomly search for shit on YouTube 101 – Finding this corker from  just about 20 years ago. 

  10 seconds in, (coincidentally just after you hear someone exclaim “Jesus Christ!”) there’s a boy in a grey hoodie with a chinstrap beard.  Behind him is a chick with a ginge tinge to her scraped back council-house facelift and the early formation of a double chin.   That’d be me and my then bf.    If you watch it again you will see the midget form of a tiny woman with a ropey perm and an uncanny likeness to Penfold from ‘Dangermouse’.  THAT hateful woman!  (far too long a story) , staring up at me from the depths of that queue of badly dressed ravers put more of a chill down my spine than the sight of me looking just as fecking scruffy and chinny, man-faced gingeytingey as I still do 20 years later! 

I forced myself to watch the rest of the footage and the other 4 parts that followed although I knew I wouldn’t be on it again.   I remember that night because I wasn’t feeling the love back then like pretty much everyone else on the video.   The gurn burn hadn’t struck me, my pupils remained the national avrerage diameter and I had yet to gain the ability to make a stick of gum last for 72 hours.   I was likely in the ladies loo making new friends and talking rubbish.    Although I do believe that was the night I took my first foray into the realm of the recreational temazepan (prescribed legitimately to me at the time for sleeplessness).   May I recommend though that this not be combined with a first ever wrap of speed.    I raved like a good’un from the waist up but was a tad sluggish from the waist down if memory serves.  Fireman’s lifted onto the dancefloor from the stage at one point by a friend to try and get me moving   🙂

Did see a few familiar fucked up looking faces  weaving their way through the crowd of sweaty bodies though.   It took me back indeed but being 20 years older I just wanted to scream “Turn the bloody lights on” or ” Hello!  Ever heard of a sports bra?” and “Take your damn hat/jumper off FFS!”

Where are all those sweaty, permed, woolly hat, cut off shorts wearing freaks now I wonder?  Probably estate agents, electricians, respectable parents, teachers, bankers, maybe even massage therapists?  ;-p 

THAT woman is dead though, I know that for sure, and I don’t mind admitting that I’m not at all sorry about that.

What’s your name. Where you from. What you had?

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Name that tune:    “It would be oh so nice, to be with you, to be with you.” – (Feck knows who by, but it’s the first track on this Carl Cox set.)

Movie Quote of the Day:   “Some love stories aren’t epic novels. Some are just short stories” – Sex & the City


On the topic of DJ’s and sampling…

I used to blame rarely eating tea and an enthusiasm for amphetamines for my slimmer arms.  Girthwise these days due to more of the first and none of the second.   I have, however just had a fuck-off chair rave  in front of the PC to this gem (not for the faint of heart but give it a whirl).  It’s a recording of the Carl Cox set from Club Kinetic in Stoke on Trent on my 21st birthday 1992.   (10mins in I get one of my many shout outs – none of which I heard at the time because I was pretty mash-up  on gifted recreationals).  (Stamp your feet hard 32mins & 38secs in)

Put it this way, my freshly washed hair has almost been blown dry as I’ve been flailing around, and I think I just lost 2 kilos from each arm!  Bingo wings-a-flapping indeed.  Bman has missed a golden opportunity to rip the piss!

Thank christ I haven’t gone totally old skool and got a Hypercolour dressing gown or I’d be like frigging Joseph & his Technicolor Dreamcoat by now. Hypercolour tee shirts?  What was that all about?  I had one as well.  A simple way to let the world know that you had sweaty pits!    Nice.

Was highly tempted by this: Shelley’s Laserdome Reunion Allnighter but fate has intervened and I’ll be in Boro that night, so will have to save my elderly shapethrowing and bingo wing swinging for another time.

Maybe it’s just as well.

Big vicksy love to the old skool Chester Posse wherever they all are now!


Don't get it on your nads boys!