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Party time and Olympic shiz

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Busy weekend this weekend.  Bear’s birthday party yesterday morning, which went well.  Pops joining in with my Tulisa’s ‘We are Young’ wake & shake routine was probably a  highlight for me.  Cake was a success and all the kids went home happy.  Tidy!

Spent a couple of hours clearing up.  Chinky Doo takeout with the childerbeast – Mushroom Foo Yung times. Then it was time for Round 2 with the Gene Genie and Boobers.  Strongbow then vodka and ‘The Woman in Black’, expect by then Boobers had gone home, Genie was asleep, head on ample chest, snoring like a good ‘un!  

Bit ropey this morning if I’m honest but a fried egg banjo sorted that out. 

Next up – heading into the ghetto to see the Olympic Torch.  Childerbeast were well excited about that – can’t you tell?

visibly thrilled

Sod em!  I was quite excited to see it despite our view being slightly obliterated by a woman who had her giant overloaded buggy up against the crowd barrier and 2 kids with her on bikes and another woman with the biggest handbag in the world right in R&A’s faces. 

The Bear will see it again tomorrow morning at stupid o clock because she’s been chosen to go and take part in some Olympic shizzle for kids in Leeds.

Torchbearing times`

Took this to prove that it’s not ALL a ghetto

Early to bed tonight.  I’m shattered, and school sports week begins tomorrow.  Tiring times!


I had it in my hand officer!

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Was contemplating taking childerbeast to watch the Olympic flame on it’s way through the ghetto on June 24th.

However I’ve just realised that not only is it a school day and it’s not due to arrive until 1442hrs (how so precise?)  It is also coming to us from Salford via Trafford, Moss Side, Longsight & Levenshulme & the route will bring it down Manningham Lane…. I’m not convinced it will get here at all, if I’m brutally honest.

We shall see…..


Meanwhile… here’s a  further picture of a cute pair of coconuts:-


Pride of Britain

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What lovely children on BBC news this morning live from Lands End and the start of the Olympic Torch relay.  Polite, well-groomed and well spoken, waxing lyrical on how much they were looking forward to the Olympics.  It gave me hope for future generations.

However…. I await the Torch’s visit to Bradford with a certain amount of trepidation as I suspect the calibre of interviewees may have deteriorated somewhat by the time it gets this far North.  I have visions of it being borne aloft from the heady heights of a pony & trap pulled by a mangy Shetland pony by an illiterate 12-year-old with a rat’s tail & his trou stuffed into his socks. Never to be seen again as he has cashed in the torch at the local scrappers yard.

Or maybe that’s only if the torch comes anywhere near my neck of the woods…..