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School is most definitely out for summer!

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First day of the summer holidays and I was awake and up by 0530! 

Bman on earlies and woke me up yelling at the cat, then knocking things over in the bathroom.  Made myself useful and cleaned my camping stove in the yard and faffed about with camping gear in the shed.  By the time the childerbeast got up at 0900 I was about ready to go back to bed.


Last week of term went well.  Tiring though.  People think that if you work in education that the last week of term is the easiest.  I always find it the most stressful.  My brain is continually buzzing with what still needs doing and what I have to do over the break for next term,
On Monday I had a trip to Scarborough with 60 under 7s.  Fun but tiring, particularly when the coach driver took us 0n a magical mystery tour and I had to go up front to assist with the directions.
Tuesday I helped take a class of children out to lunch (eventually after another coach driver issue!) That wasn’t quite as stressful as I had anticipated and I managed to make it back to school in time to get my choir kids ready for their little recital.

We won’t be guest starring on ‘Glee’ anytime soon but they enjoyed it and did alright, bless them.

My childerbeast were emotional wrecks all week. Falling out with friends, getting into bother, giddy as loons one minute and crying the next.  Year 6 leaving assembly on Friday was pretty good.  The devils had sneaked in an extra thankyou for me, which almost set me off beefing.  They were all brilliant during the assembly but many of them lost it by the afternoon.  Mondo tears were shed.  Had fun at Y5 Vs 6 rounders match too.  So much fun in fact that I didn’t bat an eyelid when I was accidentally and highly inappropriately told to “Bring it on Muppet Tits!” in front of the children.

Oops.  If they heard, they (like me) didn’t seem to register.


When the day was finally over I spent the evening getting rather drunk with my bezzy, setting the world to rights one drink at a time.  Note to self though.  Try not leave Siri on while you are talking bobbins, so that it tries to send a text to your mate’s boyfriend that goes a little something like this…

“Deleted in the city of wine party with a kind  of ball on Facebook.  You can download the only leotards on our eyes are burning only sleepy Utah?
The 14th Kulas think you when you knew the wine you drink some shit where the problem got this from.”

I shit you not!

I also think I know exactly what we were talking about but I guess you had to be there…